Artists-in-Residence  Project 

  • Louis Ziegler and his team of the Big Game: The spirit of the place
  • Louis Taulelle: The green room
  • Jean Paul Mougot: Heart to Heart
  • Mirjam Bijvank: The Sacred Eye, wall mosaic
  •  The Astragals, dance company:  ” Transhumance, the Bugs ” from Emmanuel PERRIN
  • Ratiba Mokri and Martine Durand: Meeting women Clown

Living picture:

  • Christiane Magnani, actor, comedian
  • Jean Christophe Kaufmann, musician
  • Pascale Manigaud, dancer
  • François Moritz, musician
  • Louis Taulelle, painter, sculptor, scenographer
  • Mirjam Bijvank, painter and plastic artist, musician