Droiteval has the ideal environment for research and reflection, but also for exchange and cooperation. On this, naturally spiritual spot, one can work undisturbed, without being interrupted by a mobile phone.

The association Centre d’Art et Culture Droiteval, which ArtRes Droiteval is part, is a meeting place, in the first place, for artists among each other, in various disciplines. Encounter for artists and a diverse audience (visitors, students, volunteers, etc.)

The artists in residence involves the exchange of knowledge and experience to come to a new development that will enrich the artists. Initially, it is the personal project of the individual artist or as a group (musicians, dancers, etc.) that counts. The place Droiteval can serve as a source of inspiration.

The aim is to work in a good and pleasant working environment, whereby all the energy is produced by and dedicated to, the love of art.

Droiteval is a place where the artists leave theire trace……

Part of the monastery of Droiteval is a permanent residence of a French-Dutch artist couple. In addition to their work as artists, they manage the activities and they can also be designated as a monitor for an artist in residence.

Droiteval, part of the municipality Claudon, is a unique and historic place, located in the woods of Darney (15.000 ha) in the Vosges in France and is located at a distance of approximately 80 km from Nancy. Droiteval is an isolated spot and is therefore difficult to reach without a car.

Length of stay at ArtRes Droiteval can vary from two weeks to two months. Length of stay for groups can be shorter. At a minimum stay of one month there is the possibility of presenting your artwork on site. Exposition space is at your disposal.

A try-out through an “open podium “can be organized, even for shorter stays. Outdoor events can take place as well.

There is room for 6 individual artists in various disciplines: visual, music, theater, dance, literature, film, etc. In a group, for instance, music band, drama- or dance company, etc., there are (overnight) places for 16 people (8 guest chambers).

Please note that ArtResDroiteval is independent and operates without any grants. She will not be able to provide any financial support.
She functions entirely with its own resources, with the help of volunteers.

Droiteval is remote, far from the city and shops. Having a means of transport is therefore necessary!!!!

ArtRes Droiteval is open from 1 April – 30th October.